Saturday, 9 May 2015

A month in the life of mairidesign - April 2015

I received a late cancellation for a lesson and decided to go to Obecni Dum for breakfast. Why not? Just look at the place! Painted a mini pic of my glass cats, nibbled some 99% chocolate (with red wine of course) and found a great paper shelf unit by the bins - it only needed cleaning.
Then took a trip to a local brewery and almost came away with a goat (had some duck meat in my bag which it was really interested in guzzling).

A month in the life of mairidesign - March 2015

March saw my sister and nephew visiting for a weekend of music. The bloke with the kilt on is my nephew and my sister is admiring the cake selection. The hubby got thrashed at table football, by a five year old. Shh, don't  tell him I told you ;)

The bright sun, just after the solar eclipse and, feck, we've got dampness in the cupboard.

A month in the life of mairidesign - February 2015

This was February:
A 20 minute blizzard, sunny church, our handmade industrial table, kitty cafe, Bernard & Bernard, and Batman came to learn English.

A month in the life of mairidesign - January 2015

I just can't get into regular blogging, so I've decided to post snapshots of my life in months...January 2015
Still on holiday in France, enjoying the sunsets, delicacies and perfumes: Nice, Grasse, Cannes and Monaco. We were in France when the Charlie Hebdo attacks took place (Je Suis Charlie - last image).
And, being on the beach, in the sun, on my birthday :) Having a January birthday can be crap at times but not this time!